Friday, September 22, 2006

Renovation update

The unit will be ready to show early next week.

We had to paint the whole master bedroom, which the previous tenants painted a hideous shade of purple. We also had to patch the holes left in the other rooms. Interestingly enough, one of the holes, which I noticed only after all of the junk had been removed, is fist-sized and was conveniently covered up by a wall hanging.

All of the rugs have been ripped up and the floors are being sanded, which will be completed tomorrow. We will then finish them, and cover them with throw rugs (easier to replace). I have a list of potential tenants, but am going to wait until early next week to show to show it (by then the apartment will be cleaned too). Hopefully I’ll get it rented by Oct 1.

I am also replacing the two windows that the last tenants broke. Actually, the previous owner replaced every window in the building except for these two, so I suppose I was fortunate that these were the ones that were broken.

Once I have the bills for all the repairs *and the place rented*, I will start tracking down the old tenants and bring them to court. I have a few leads, but as of now do not know where they are living.

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