Monday, September 25, 2006

NetWorth Web Application

You may have noticed a new image on the sidebar:


It is from a little web application that I've been working on called NetWorth. It allows users to monitor their Net Worth using real estate values from and stock quotes from Yahoo Finance.

Once you've input your assets and liabilities, you can then put a banner on your website like the one above. It'll then automatically update as it receives new values from Zillow and Yahoo.

There are actually three different banners to choose from You can show:
  1. The percentage change in your Net Value over the past week

  2. The dollar change in your Net Value of the past week

  3. Your current Net Value

If you choose to allow only the first one, viewers have no way of knowing your actual net value, but can get an idea of how it changes over time (and therefore, your mood).

Give it a shot, and I would appreciate any feedback.

1 comment:

new condos said...

I am going to dive into this today. Will definitly shoot you feedback later this weekend! The world is filled with new tools...