Thursday, July 13, 2006

The hideously slow government

My lawyer submitted the eviction forms in person on June 27th. Usually within a week (maybe 10 days) after submission, I receive notification that a court date has been set. I called them yesterday _and they haven't even looked at them yet_.

Certainly part of the problem is that Corzine shut down the state government last week, so they were not in the office Wednesday July 5th – Friday July 7th. They also had July 4th off. Even so, there were still at least 6 business days since the forms were submitted, and yet they still haven't done it. A court date will then be set between 13 and 30 days from the date it is processed.

This is particularly annoying because this delay is costing me money. The tenant's check for June rent was bad, and now they have locked themselves in the apartment, phone lines have been canceled, and there is nothing more I can do to protect my other tenants or to receive the money they owe me. I was hoping to have them evicted by the end of July, and somehow fix up and rent the unit before the beginning of August, but now it is looking like I'll lose August rent too.

I simply wish that the employees at the courthouse were more responsive. I don't think that they understand how important their job is, and they certainly don't have a good enough incentive to get through their work in a timely manner. If somebody were to get hurt by the dogs during this unnecessary delay, I'd think that they should be held partially responsible. I've been very prudent in doing everything I can to remedy the situation, but my hands are tied and I must wait on these slow government employees.

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